“Young Guitarist Chris Vitarello merits notice for his technical powers and imagination,his reaching extending to rockabilly and swing” Frank John Handley-Downbeat Magazine 2011

“Guitarist Chris Vitarello, whose axe is sharp enough to split girders in two, as well as raise hairs on the back of the neck” Anthony Wilson-All About Jazz

“Vitarello shares the spotlight with Katz and matches his virtuosity at every turn. He can squeeze a note for all it’s worth or pick out lines that dazzle you with their complexity” Steve Jones – Crossroads Blues Society Blues Review

“Chris Vitarello has as rhythmically based technique on guitar as you’ll hear” Jim Trageser -Turbula Music

“Guitarist Chris Vitarello is impeccable” Tom Hyslop-Blues Revue “The guitar solos of Chris Vitarello were high points of the evening, with their effortless mix of jazz, blues and jive.” Dave Howell

“Chris Vitarello, who joins McGriff on his latest CD rounded out the trio with energetic, smooth as silk guitar grooves.” Ron Wray – Portfolio Weekly

“Vitarello, has a obvious affinity for the blues and funk,plus a sophisticated harmonic vocabulary.” Mike Joyce – The Washington Post


“Better Days”

Willa – Self Released 2017


“Out from the Center”

Bruce Katz Band – Out from the Center 2016


“Gonna Die Trying”

Chris O’Leary Band American Showplace Records” 2015


“Live At Blues Now” (Live in Basel Switzerland)

The Chris O’Leary Band – Vizztone Label Group 2014



Bruce Katz Band-American Showplace Records 2014


“Rang A Boom”

Craved Artist Records 2014


“ The Eel”

JB3 Flying Yak Records – 2013


“Waiting For The Phone To Ring”

The Chris O’Leary Band – Vizztone Label Group 2012


“Suitcase In The Hall”

Micheal Bram-Vizztone Label Group 2012


“Lion In The Cut”

The Fuzzy Flow – Craved Artist Records 2011


“Revive Us”

Walnut Hill Community Church 2011


“Red Hot and Real Gone”

Duchess Di and the Distractions – 2011


“Mr. Used To Be”

The Chris O’Leary Band – Vizztone Label Group 2010


Project A Band w/Joel Frahm and Bruce Katz

Anzic Records 2009


“In My Sweet Time”

Roxy Perry – Blueperry Hill Music 2008


“Her Name Is Gina”

Gina Fox – Backbender Records 2008


“Live! At the Firefly”

Bruce Katz Band – Vizztone Label Group 2008


“Walnut Hill Worship Live””

Walnut Hill Community Church  2007


“The Legendary Jimmy McGriff”

Live at SMOKE Golden Note Records 2006


“Michael Bram and the Alternators”

Self Titled 2006


“Reverand Zen Angels”

Blues and the Crying Moon  – Black Jack Music 2006



Arlen Roth – Aquinnah Records 2005


“Boogaloo To Jack McDuff”

Scuflin Records 2005


“Live at Joe and Joes”

Michael Torsone – Golden Note Records 2004


“Lost River Jams”

Jeremy Baum – Flying Yak Records 2002


“Dealin With The Feelin”

Little Melvin – Real Deal Records 1998


“Rob Fletcher Harmonica for Beginners”

Hal Leonard Publishing 1997


“Man On a Mission”

Mark the Harper 1996



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